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CSoP Research & Consulting
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CSoP Research & Consulting

Building Social Capital and a compassionate sense of place

CSoP RESEARCH & CONSULTING is dedicated to helping environmental and community non-profit groups be more effective in working towards their vision of the community, people and the environment. These relationships are interlinked - a healthy community takes care of its place and individuals and becomes more healthy, welcoming and sustainable.
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"Social capital" is about the resources - partnerships, trust, and values - that a community can use to make the itself better.

A "compassionate sense of place" is a direction - a caring people who know and appreciate where they live and are committed to sustainably living together.

We can help community groups through applied social research, strategic planning facilitaion, grant-writing, executive coaching and organizational assistance. If you have ideas, contact us. Together we can make them happen.

CSoP Research & Consulting
3823 62 St.
Edmonton, AB T6L 1A4

Phone: (780) 299-0866 (cell)
Fax: (780) 465-3534

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