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Sample Projects

Towards an equity policy in the Public Schools

Under the auspices of the Northern Alberta Alliance for Race Relations, this project assessed racial and ethnic discrimination in Edmonton school boards. The research is expected to be useful in working towards an appropriate set of policies on equity. No Alberta schools boards have policies regarding racial or ethnic equity. In comparison, ALL Ontario school boards were mandated to develop such policies in the early 1990s. (Implementation of the policies is a different matter, and has been spotty.)

Now, NAARR ( is working with Edmonton schools to deal with the results of the study, in a joint effort to create "safe and caring schools".

Toward a Diversity and Equity Policy in Edmonton Schools

A Community of Acceptance: Respect for Thunder Bay's Diversity

This study (ACOA) was contracted by Diversity Thunder Bay, and funded by the federal Dept. of Canadian Heritage.
The study included a community survey on experiences of racism, diversity and community satisfaction. It also included targeted interviews. The success of the project has led to similar community action studies in several other northern Ontario cities.
Besides documenting racialization in Thunder Bay, the project also provides valuable new information on social cohesion in heterogenous communities, and how it can be fractured in ways detrimental to community development.  Social cohesion has been shown to be an important factor in economic development.
The project began in July, 2001, with  results released on March 21, 2002.  The 6-page summary and full report are by download below, as are the studies in North Bay, Sault Ste. Marie and Timmins.

ACOA download or Diversity Thunder Bay information

A Three City Anti-Racism Initiative in Northeastern Ontario

Developing compassionate sense of place:
Experience and pedagogy in the creation of social and environmental conscientization

Environmental and social problems are expanding rapidly in complexity and severity. Solutions are hindered by what Thomas Homer-Dixon calls the ingenuity gap (2000). This research seeks to understand how environmental social movements help to bridge this gap through the utilization of social capital and the organization of learning opportunities that create a "compassionate sense of place."

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Doing environmental education in the church: Rocks, rapids and braided channels

Spirituality can be a valuable ally in lighting and sustaining the green fire of ecological and social transformation. Although the institutions have sometimes been at odds with social and ecological transformation, organized religion can also lead to respect for creation. The past two decades have seen increasing integration of Christian spirituality and theology with environmental awareness and justice.

This project draws on personal teaching experiences about commmunicating environmental issues in the church context. It includes a number of writing projects, conference presentations and coalition building.

see also "Green Fire and Religious Spirit" article, published in the Journal of Experiential Education)

Other Projects

In partnership with:

Ontario Environmental Network
Lakehead Social Planning Council
Edmonton Social Planning Council
Thunder Bay Coalition Against Poverty
Alberta Recreation and Parks Association