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(Updated April, 2007)

Developing a compassionate sense of place: Environmental and social conscientization in environmental organizations

The complete dissertation for download & reading pleasure

By Randolph Haluza-DeLay

On each page of this website, you will find a summary of that chapter. The dissertation is three independent but related papers from a research project in northwest Ontario. An Introduction, a Literature Review, and a Methodological interlude comprise the remaining portions.

A powerpoint summary will also be provided for the papers that will have been presented at conferences (Papers 1 & 2).


Education, Social Movements and Environmental Learning (a review and analysis)

The Practice of Environmentalism: Creating Ecological Habitus

Interlude: Ethnography as Method

Habitus and Cognitive Praxis among Environmentalists

Caring for Place? Possibilities for 'a compassionate sense of place' among Environmentalists

CONCLUSION: Caught not Taught: Growing a Compassionate Sense of Place

Author's CV

A powerpoint summary

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