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Randolph Haluza-DeLay

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"Churches engaging the environment: An autoethnography of obstacles and opportunities."
Human Ecology Review (2007), 15 (1), 71-81.

Introduction: Environmental Justice in Canada.
special issue of
Local Environment: An International Journal of Justice and Sustainability. (2007) 12 (6), 1-7.

"Racialization, social capital and leisure services."
Leisure/Loisir: The Journal of the Canadian Association of Leisure Studies. (2006) 30 (1), 261-283.

"Community-based research, movement intellectuals, and the Knowledge Council'."
Canadian Review of Social Policy/Revue Canadienne de politique sociale.(2004) 52, p. 133-138.

"When the topic is racism: Research and advocacy with a Community coalition."
Social Justice. (2003) 30 (4), 77-90.

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"A Toolkit for Gender Inclusive Wilderness Leadership."
Leisure Today, supplement to Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance,
with J. Dyment (2003) 74 (7), 28-32.

"Nothing here to care about:
Participant constructions of 'nature' following a twelve-day wilderness program."
Journal of Environmental Education. (2001). 23 (4), 43-48. (2001).

"Remystifying the city."
In, "Re-viewing place as focus of pedagogy."
Thresholds in Education Journal. (2001). 27 (3 & 4), 36-40.

"Green fire and religious spirit." Journal of Experiential Education, 23 (3), 143-149. (2000).

"Developing compassionate sense of place."
In I. Schneider, W. Borrie, & K. James, (Eds.) Refereed Proceedings of Social Aspects of Recreation Research Symposium. (pp. 17-22) Tempe, Arizona, February 14- 17, 2000. United States Forest Service Pacific Southwest Research Station. with B. Cuthbertson. (2000).

"The culture that constrains: Experience of 'nature' as part of a wilderness adventure program."
Journal of Experiential Education, 22 (3), 129-137.(1999)

"Parenting and childhood: Real-life experiential learning."
Journal of Experiential Education, 20(3), 120-22. With Susan Haluza-DeLay (1997).

"Forming knowledge: Constructivist theory and experiential learning."
Journal of Experiential Education, 19(2),76-81. (1996).

Book Chapters

Social movement theory (p. 225).
World Commission on Environment and Development (p. 465-66).
Individualism (p. 522-23)
In, J. Jenkins & J.J. Pigram (Eds.) Encyclopedia of Leisure and Outdoor Recreation. London: Routledge, 2003.

"Navigating the terrain:
Helping participants care for the earth after the wilderness."
In S. Priest, & J.C. Miles, (Eds.)
Adventure Programming. (pp. 444-454). State College, PA: Venture Publishing, 1999.

Research Publications

Haluza-DeLay, R.B. (2004). Student Perceptions about Equity in Edmonton Schools,
In, Charlene Hay, Ernest Khalema, Randolph Haluza-DeLay,
Equity in Edmonton Schools: Research Report. (p. 72-91).
Edmonton, AB: Northern Alberta Alliance for Race Relations.

(Available at:

Haluza-DeLay, R.B. (2002).
A Community of Acceptance: Respect for Thunder Bay's diversity.
Thunder Bay, ON: Diversity Thunder Bay and Canadian Heritage.

Hanna, G., Hanson, L., DeLay, R. (1996). A
ctive Living and Environment Program: 1994-95 Evaluation study report.
Ottawa: Active Living Canada.

Hanna, G., Cuthbertson, B., DeLay, R., Maxted, J., (1995).
Active Living and Environment Program: 1993-94 Evaluation study report.
Ottawa: Active Living Canada.

Non-academic publications (sample)

Waging peace a family affair in Edmonton. Canadian Mennonite, (2003, March 10), p. 16, back cover.

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Haluza-DeLay, R.B. (Summer, 1997). Remystifying the City. Green Teacher 52, p. 5-8.

DeLay, R.B. (1996). Rethinking my pacifism. The Mennonite Reporter (19 August), p. 7.

Book Reviews

Review of Peet and Watts "Liberation Ecologies (2nd ed.)" Canadian Journal of Environmental Education. (2007) 12, 190-192.

Review of Croteau, Hoynes and Ryan, "A Rhyming Hope: Activists, academics and social movement scholarship."
Canadian Journal of Sociology Online. (2006).

Review of Bowers' "Rethinking Freire: Globalization and the environmental crisis."
International Review of Education. (2006), 52, 377B391.

Review of Reed-Danahay's "Locating Bourdieu."
The Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology On-Line Book Reviews, (2005).

Review of Preston's "Grounding Knowledge: Environmental Philosophy, Epistemology, and Place."
Environmental Ethics. (2006), 28, 97-98.

Review of Orr's, "The Last Refuge: Patriotism, Politics and the Environment in an Age of Terror."
Canadian Journal of Environmental Education, 10. (2005).

Review of Smith's, "An Ethic of Place: Radical Ecology, Postmodernity, and Social Theory."
Canadian Journal of Environmental Education, 9, 201-202. (2004).

Review of Campbell & Gregor's "Mapping Social Relations: A Primer on doing Institutional Ethnography."
The Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology On-Line Book Reviews, 2 (2). (2003).

Review of Selby & Goldstein's "Weaving Connections: Educating for peace, social and environmental justice."
Canadian Journal of Environmental Education, 7 (1), 223-225. (2002).

Review of Krahn's "The human relationship with nature."
Electronic Green Journal, 16. (2002).

Review of Redekop's "Creation and the Environment: An Anabaptist perspective on a sustainable world."
Studies in Religion, 31 (1), 116-118. (2002)

Review of Kempton, Booster & Hartley's "Environmental values and American culture."
Journal of Material Culture.

Review of Kellert & Farnham's "The good in nature and humanity: Connecting science, religion, and spirituality with the natural world."
Society and Natural Resources, 16, 663-665. (2003).

Review of Bratton's "Christianity, Wildlife and Wilderness: The original desert solitaire."
Journal of Experiential Education, 17 (3), 53-54. (1994).

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