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A Compassionate Sense of Place
An Overview | Background | Part I | Part II


This website will serve as an introduction to the idea of a compassionate sense of place, and the research project.

The research has two parts:

"Part One" is actually a Powerpoint Presentation, explaining the poetics of a compassionate sense of place. You will need to be in Internet Explorer, alas.
(If you are in Netscape but have IE, cut the URL adn paste it into IE).

Part Two is a simple description of an applied research project in Northwestern Ontario.

Other links are below. Have fun!

An academic article on "Located knowing," the importance of our place on how we know and what we know (8 pages).

"Natural Resources"

A Song by Ani Difranco & Utah Phillips. (2 min, 24 secs, Pay special attentino to the first 1:10).

People shouting at the world over megaphones; Size=240 pixels wide